Kristen and Greg’s Skyline Lodge Wedding Was As Close As You Can Get To Getting Married In The Clouds.

Skyline Lodge. Highland Forest State Park. Fabius, NY.

I’ve known Greg since he was a wee little lad, as me and his brother Scott were best friends growing up. So it’s nice to see him grow up to be such a fine man (that’s debatable) after years of physical and mental torture at the hands of his brother and me. But on his wedding day, I got to start the day with his better half Kristen. Greg definitely got the better end of the deal because Kristen was such a joy to be around. After some emotional moments during the preparation, we traveled out to the Skyline Lodge where the rain held off and Kristen and Greg’s ceremony went off without a hitch. We got a chance to get some really cool portraits due to the gorgeous backdrop. But it got dark quickly and it was time to party. There even was an appearance of an Animal House style Shout dance. An awesome ending to a great day. Congratulations Kristen and Greg.

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