Larry and Jeremy’s Ocean Place Resort Wedding.

Ocean Place Resort Wedding. Long Branch, NJ.

You gotta love Jersey Shore weddings. Not THAT Jersey Shore. But that actual shore in New Jersey. Larry and Jeremy picked a perfect day for their Ocean Place Resort wedding. It looked no bueno early in the day, but the clouds moved out just in time for their ceremony. It was great to see all of their supporters there to cheer them on. You could tell there was a ton of love for Larry and Jeremy. After they tied the knot, Larry and Jeremy said hello to everyone that came out to the wedding while their guests enjoyed cocktail hour. A lot of delicious seafood was served. But then it was time for the party. Larry and Jeremy made their grand entrance and went right into their emotional first dance, as well as their touching mother/son dances. The speeches brought the house down and everyone enjoyed traveling around the world with Larry and Jeremy’s epic food choices for dinner. The dancing soon started and there was some sweet moves in the room. Larry and Jeremy’s friends and family all had such a great time, as evident by the photos. A perfect wedding for a perfect couple. Congratulations Larry and Jeremy!


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