Lauren and JQ’s Skaneateles Country Club Wedding

Skaneateles Country Club Wedding. Skaneateles NY.

Not satisfied with your typical wedding experience, Lauren and JQ did things a little differently. We started our day not with getting ready shots, or even a first look. We met at the pier in Skaneateles and they were ready to go for portraits already. They are very efficient people. After a few images on the end of the pier, Lauren, JQ, and their puppy hopped on a classic wood boat to take a tour of Skaneateles Lake on their way to the ceremony at Skaneateles Country Club. When they arrived to the club, Lauren and JQ’s family were waiting for them for a quick ceremony with no other guests. It was beautifully done by Lauren’s aunt from Hawaii. During cocktail hour, we got some of the best golden hour a photographer can ask for and we made good use of it for some incredible portraits. But I didn’t want to keep them too long because they wanted to party with their friends and family. And everyone definitely came to party. It was a great night and everyone had a blast. Congratulations Lauren and JQ!


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