Maddie and Alex’s Chantelle Marie Lakehouse Wedding.

Chantelle Marie Lakehouse Wedding. Auburn, NY.

The sweetest couple of the year award goes to Maddie and Alex. They are such a perfect couple that it almost seems rare. This Chantelle Marie Lakehouse wedding has been a long time coming and you could tell both Maddie and Alex were ready to make it official. Maddie and the girls started at the vacation rental home and the fellas got read just behind that. Maddie certainly had some touching moments when her grandmother got to see her in her dress for the first time. After everyone was ready to go, it was off to the church to tie the knot. Maddie was emotional but she got through it and married the love of her life. We then stopped off near the lake to get some portraits before everyone headed back to Chantelle Marie Lakehouse for the booming reception. It was great to see Maddie and Alex surrounded by their family and closest friends, and the love was certainly flowing. Everyone had an amazing time. Congratulations Maddie and Alex and enjoy the photos!


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