Maggie and Carlos’ Ryland Inn Wedding Was En Fuego.

Ryland Inn Wedding. Whitehouse Station, NJ.

This is the second time I’ve photographed at the Ryland Inn and I have to say that it’ much a nice place. The rustic/modern charm really creates a relaxed mood for a wedding. Which fit right into Maggie and Carlos’ style. You could tell this couple worked hard on their decor because it was on fleek (or for the older crowd, really well put together). All the way down to the burlap table runners, Maggie’s love for rustic decor really shined through. But the style was nothing compared to the love that was evident between Maggie and Carlos. The outdoor ceremony was extremely beautiful and touching, even if the wind didn’t allow for the unity candles to be lit, haha. And the reception was even better. Their friends and family really showed Maggie and Carlos how much they love them. It was an amazing day and I couldn’t be happier for Maggie and Carlos. Enjoy the photos!

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