Maria and Tom’s Hayloft On The Arch Wedding.

Hayloft on the Arch wedding. Vernon, NY.

I’ve known Tom for several years, going back to when we used to work together at the sheriff’s office. So I was excited when he called me and asked me to shoot his wedding. Tom doesn’t have the hardened soul that you would expect a cop with several years on the job to have. He’s a thoughtful and loving man as anyone that has seen him interact with Maria can see. And only meeting Maria the day of the wedding, I could tell that she is the perfect balance for Tom. Everyone present could see the love these two have for each other. Everyone started their day getting ready at the Hayloft on the Arch and even though there was a threat of rain, better skies prevailed and the ceremony was emotional, touching, and beautiful. And the mix of dark clouds and gorgeous sunlight created an amazing backdrop for Tom and Maria’s portraits. The evening rolled around and after everyone was fat and happy from the delicious meal, it was party time and all of Maria and Tom’s guests danced the night away. The whole day was very touching and it was amazing to see such love everywhere. Congratulations to Maria and Tom and enjoy the photos!


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