Mary Jo and James Were All In At Their Turning Stone Casino and Resort Wedding.

The Shenendoah Clubhouse, Turning Stone Casino and Resort. Verona, NY.

God bless Mary Jo and James’ family. Not only did they brave the chilly weather while I took their family portraits outside because the light was better, but they put on a hell of a party for the newlyweds. The day started with Mary Jo and her bridesmaids at the salon getting all did up. When then went over to Mary Jo’s parent’s house where the girls helped Mary Jo get into her dress, while my second shooter, Erika, hung out with the guys at the Shenedoah Clubhouse. We all then met at the church for a beautiful, and sometimes funny ceremony. A bubble exit, portrait session, and family photos came ┬ánext, but then it was time to party. A few emotional speeches set the tone for the night and Mary Jo and James’ friends and family rocked the dance floor and brought the evening to a close. Enjoy the images from Mary Jo and James’ big day!

Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0001 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0002 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0003 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0004 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0005 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0006 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0007 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0008 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0009 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0010 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0011 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0012 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0013 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0014 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0015 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0016 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0017 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0018 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0019 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0020 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0021 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0022 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0023 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0024 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0025 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0026 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0027 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0028 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0029 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0030 turning stone casino wedding shenendoah clubhouse wedding Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0033 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0034 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0035 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0036 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0037 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0038 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0039 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0040 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0041 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0042 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0043 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0044 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0045 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0046 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0047 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0048 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0049 Shenendoah_Clubhouse_Wedding_0050 wedding at shenendoah clubhouse

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