Michele and Dave’s Sky Armory Wedding Was Bananas.

Sky Armory Wedding. Syracuse, NY.

When I say this wedding was bananas, I not only mean it was crazy, but there was actually a large banana there. But we’ll get to that. The day started at the beautiful Jefferson Clinton hotel where both Michele and Dave were getting ready. The weather was absolutely perfect and after Michele and Dave got ready, we traveled to Thornden Park where the first look and wedding party photos took place. Other than a very loud bongo playing group, the setting was perfect. The wedding party then went back to the city and it was time for the ceremony at the beautifully decorated Sky Armory. The ceremony was quick and easy and it was great to see Michele and Dave become husband and wife in front of their friends and family. After the ceremony, it was time to party and the Sky Armory was such a unique venue with their exposed brick and dark painted beams. It was such a gorgeous place. There was a ton of dancing, which gave me no shortage of blackmail photos for Michele and Dave to use on their friends. Kidding. But seriously, it was a great night that capped off a great day. And the banana made its way onto the dance floor. Congratulations Michele and Dave!


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