Michelle and Jeff’s Beach Point Club Wedding

Beach Point Club Wedding. Mamaroneck, NY.

It seems to be the running theme this year. Complete rain out the morning of the wedding, but as the day goes on and the ceremony draws near, the skies stop crying and give the bride and groom some relief. That’s what happened at Michelle and Jeff’s Beach Point Club wedding. The morning was a complete down pour and ever so slowly, the radar showed clearer and clearer skies until it eventually stopped raining. It was still a tad chilly, but that didn’t bother Michelle and Jeff one bit. I started the day with Michelle, her mother and sister, getting ready at the club. Before long, Jeff arrived and it was time for their first look and portraits. We kept them pretty classy because, let’s face it, this is one classy couple. It was then time for the ceremony and luckily no one froze to death. Michelle and Jeff kept the ceremony lively with plenty of laughs. They tied the knot and wished themselves away to the bridal suite where some bustling mishaps led to scissors being taken to Michelle’s Vera Wang dress. All in a days work for this bride. Michelle just wanted to be sure nothing stood in her way of a great party, not even her dress. A few touching dances and speeches came and went and the dance party was on, and on and on. It was obvious everyone had an amazing time celebrating Michelle and Jeff. Now you get to enjoy the photos!


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