A Mohegan Manor Wedding | New Jersey Wedding Photographer

This wedding had it all. There were laughs. There were cries. There was crying from laughing. Alisha and Matt, and their crew of crazy friends and family, all got together at the Mohegan Manor in Baldwinsville NY and rocked the place to the ground. This was such a fun wedding and it was easy to get really great shots. Everybody had a blast and you can really tell from the pictures. Alisha was probably my happiest bride and up for anything, which helped me be creative and think outside the box a bit. And in case you were wondering, the best man’s speech was wild, disgusting, and disturbing, and I loved every second of it. As usual, Kegan kicked it with me. Enjoy the show folks.

Kegan’s images are #s 15-20. 38, 41, and 43.

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