Natasha and Jason’s Mountain Top Inn Wedding.

Natasha and Jason’s Mountain Top Inn Wedding.

Mountain Top Inn Wedding. Chittenden, VT.

At least once of year, I get to head up to the top of Vermont for a lovely Mountain Top Inn wedding. This year was no different as Natasha and Jason invited myself and my video crew up to spend a few days capturing their wedding. And like every other time I’ve been up to Vermont, the weather has exceeded my expectations. When we arrived at the inn in the morning, the entire area was covered in a thick fog. It was incredibly beautiful. But before we could take advantage of it, Natasha and Jason had to get ready and get hitched. Both Natasha and Jason got ready at one of the beautiful houses on site and before we knew it, we were all traveling to the knoll where the ceremony was held. The only unfortunate thing about the weather is that you couldn’t see the mountain ridges in the background, but all Natasha and Jason could see was each other. After they officially tied the knot, we got a chance to take some very unique portraits around the property, and thankfully the fog stuck around. After capturing their love, we all headed to the barn for dinner, dancing, speeches, and cake. At the end of the night, and even though they didn’t get the view they wanted, Natasha and Jason came away with some killer images and a great night. Congratulations Natasha and Jason and enjoy the photos!


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From the Bride and Groom:

Venue: Mountain Top Inn Resort

Our wedding planner was: (Day of Coordinator) – Ashley Reynolds

I got my dress from: Dolce Blue (Designer – Essence of Australia) –

The suit(s) was from: JoS. A Bank

Hair by: Ashley Anderson – Mountain Top Inn

Make-up by: Ashley Anderson – Mountain Top Inn

Flowers by: Hybl Fannin Design –

Entertainment by: Dayve Huckett –

Catering by: Mountain Top Inn –

Cake by: Vermont Sweet Tooth –

Ceremony performed by: Pat Parker Carter

What drew you to the venue and what was your favorite detail?

When searching around for a venue there were a few things that were very important for us. We wanted to have the ceremony outside with an indoor reception, preferably in an event styled barn, and we wanted the freedom to use vendors of our choice, without a restricted list. The bonus that we found with Mountain Top, being born and raised in Hawaii, was that this location had a body of water and a cute little beach that reminded us of home.

What was your favorite moment from your wedding?

We struggled on this question because we cant seem to find one moment that was our favorite. Everything about the day was perfect and it was so amazing to have shared this special moment with our families and friends.

What was the most special thing you experienced at your wedding?

The most special experience at our wedding was seeing each other for the first time at the aisle in front of our families. Not doing a first look and getting to share that experience with our families was something very special.

What was the best piece of advice you got before your wedding?

Probably the best advice we were given was to enjoy the day and soak it in because it goes by so fast.

How would you describe your wedding day?

In one word: Unique.

Everything went really smoothly and the day turned out amazing and exactly how we had envisioned it.

Yes it sounds cheesy, but it was perfect.

What guest had the most fun at your wedding?

Our flower girl had the most fun at our wedding, without a doubt!

What was the biggest reason you chose Tom Harmon Photography to capture your big day?

We fell in love with many aspects of Tom Harmon Photography, but the understanding and usage of light is what was the most amazing to us. The aerial photography and videography through usage of drones was a huge bonus and a very unique addition.

Tom Harmon