Nerali and Jay’s Trump National Golf Club Wedding.

Trump National Golf Club Wedding. Bedminster, NJ.

You’re not going to find a more perfect setting on a more perfect day than Trump National Golf Club in August. Nearly and Jay got perfect weather for their big day, and good thing they did because there were a lot of outside aspects to their wedding. The day started with Nerali and Jay meeting for their first look and I’ve never seen a happier groom than Jay was to finally see his bride. After a few portraits with their traditional ceremony clothing, it was time for Jay’s Baraat, which traditionally involves a horse, but Jay opted for more horse power. A classic Shelby Cobra. It was fun to watch Jay’s family and friends dance their way to Nerali’s family to give Jay away. Then it came time for the ceremony, which was blessed with an amazing sky mixed with sun and clouds. Before we knew it, Nerali and Jay tied the knot and it was time for them to change into their gorgeous evening attire, Nerali in a beautiful white gown and Jay in a sharp dark navy tux. The introduction of Nerali and Jay as husband and wife was met with a huge applause which then led into their beautiful first dance. The speeches from Nerali’s father and sisters, and Jay’s parents and best friends were extremely touching mixed in with a lot of humor and even a custom remix of the Fresh Prince of Bel Are song. After everyone stuffed their faces with a delicious dinner, they worked off those extra calories dancing the night away. It truly was a beautiful day and I was honored to be a part of it. Congratulations Nerali and Jay!


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