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Wedding Photographer in NJMy Mission.

My only goal is to provide my clients with the highest quality images and world class service. I promise to think outside the box, to take risks, and to give extreme effort to make your photography experience something you’ll never forget. I want you to show your photos off to the world, not just stick them in a drawer, only to be seen on your anniversaries. I want you to be able to relive every moment of your big day, from every tear to every laugh. Plain and simple, I want you to be happy you chose me to capture the start of your lives together. See My Rates…




New York Wedding Photographer

Recent Work.

I firmly believe that if a photographer is not constantly shooting and learning, his work becomes stale and ineffective. I want to show that I am always working on my craft so that I can constantly get better at what I love to do. That’s why I put all of my recent work on my blog so that you can see my latest images and what I am currently doing. I’m consistently pushing myself to create amazing images for my clients, so head over to my blog to check out what’s new. My Blog…




Destination Wedding Photographer

Get To Know Me.

Your photographer will be with you for your entire wedding day, following you around and sticking cameras in your face. So you’ll want to pick someone you can get along with and that doesn’t smell. You’ll want to know that your photographer is listening to you and working hard to create amazing images. You’ll want a photographer that can roll with the punches, someone that you can hang out with and have a cup of coffee. Personality is extremely important and you want to be able to click with your photographer. It makes the day go smoother and the images come out better. Check out my bio to learn more about me. My Story…



New Jersey and New York Weddings

What People Are Saying.

I usually don’t buy anything anymore without looking at reviews of the product first. I want to know why I should buy this product over another product and why other people were happy with it. That’s why I list many of my reviews right on my site. I want to show you that I work extremely hard to make my clients happy and satisfied with their images. Sure, I can make pretty pictures, but if you’re not happy with my level of customer service, then everybody loses. You have enough to think about on your big day, so I don’t want photography to be one of them. But don’t just take my word for it, go see what other’s had to say. See My Reviews…



Award winning wedding photography


Contrary to what my family and friends say, I don’t like to toot my own horn…. But I do like to show off a few awards that I’ve won in the last few years, especially when I get named one of the Top 50 US Wedding Photographers for 2014 by Weddzilla. It’s important that photographers are actively shooting to get better and provide an awesome product for their clients, but once in a while it’s nice to win something too. These awards are important to me because it means I’m still on the right track and creating images people want to look at. See My Awards…




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