Nicole and Mike’s Holiday Valley Wedding.

Holiday Valley Wedding. Ellicottville, NY.

There’s something about having all of your family and friends travel to an out of town wedding. The feeling is lighter, the ceremony is sweeter, and the reception is crazier. Nicole and Mike picked an amazing place in Holiday Valley and in the fall, this place was amazing. It was a tad rainy and cold, but that didn’t stop anybody from having a great time. Nicole and Mike got ready in their perspective rooms at the lodge, then met out by the pond for their first look. A few bridal party shots and portraits were completed and we had to get to the ceremony. And it wasn’t your typical ceremony. It turned into a comedy special for Mike who was killing the crowd. After they finally got the rings on the right fingers, Nicole and Mike were married and it was time to party. When the reception rolled around, some great speeches and special dances kicked off the evening and Mike brought it home, serenading his confused and embarrassed bride. It was a perfect ending to a great day. Congratulations Nicole and Mike and enjoy the photos!



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