NIdhi and Kevin’s Palisadium Wedding.

Palisadium Wedding. Edgewater, NJ.

Nidhi and Kevin’s wedding day started out on a beautiful morning and the sun was shining. They gathered their friends and family together, put on their fancy clothes, and said a little prayer before it was time to head over to the ceremony. You could tell Nidhi was extremely excited to walk down the aisle to see her future husband standing there for her. The ceremony was gorgeous and after a quick dab by Kevin, the two were hitched and on their way to the reception. On the way, we stopped off at a park on the Hudson with an amazing view of the George Washington bridge where we got some incredible portraits. Then we gathered everyone up and transported them to the Palisadium where the reception was about to start. After Nidhi and Kevin burst through the doors into the room where their family and friends were already giving them a standing O, it was time form some very touching speeches and dances. And true to form, Kevin improvised when he couldn’t find a knife and just cut the wedding cake with Nidhi’s finger. Just kidding, they eventually found a knife. When people were full of dinner and desert, it was time to dance the night away. Nidhi and Kevin were so happy to share their life with all of their loved ones and everyone had an awesome time. Enjoy the photos!


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