Not Even The Empire State Building Could Overshadow Laura and Louis’ Midtown Loft and Terrace Wedding.

Midtown Loft and Terrace. New York, NY.

I was pretty excited to capture one of my best photos this year, but that came at the end of the night. We started the day with Laura and Louis in their respective hotel rooms getting ready for the day. New York City never fails to provide an amazing backdrop for any photo and today was no different. After Laura and Louis got done getting pretty and handsome, we all went to Herald Square for their emotional first look. You could tell just by looking at their wedding party that they have a ton of people that care deeply for them, and that was evident the entire day. It was amazing to watch the outpouring of love for Laura and Louis. After a few portraits and bridal party pictures, the bride and groom held an even more emotional ceremony where there were a lot of tears and laughter, but mostly tears. Then the party got started and their guests really had some moves. I’m not sure how they got that low. Must have tore something. But it all ended with an incredible image on the terrace of the venue with the beautiful lights of the city in the background. An all around beautiful wedding and couple. And thanks to Tim Cartagena ( for shooting with me.┬áTake a look.


Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0001 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0002 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0003 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0004 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0005 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0006 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0007 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0008 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0009 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0010 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0011 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0012 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0013 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0014 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0015 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0016 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0017 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0018 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0019 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0020 new york city wedding Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0022 midtown loft and terrace wedding Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0024 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0025 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0026 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0027 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0028 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0029 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0030 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0031 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0032 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0033 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0034 flat iron building wedding Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0036 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0037 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0038 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0039 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0040 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0041 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0042 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0043 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0044 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0045 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0046 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0047 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0048 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0049 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0050 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0051 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0052 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0053 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0054 Midtown_Loft_Terrace_Wedding_0055 midtown loft and terrace wedding reception

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