Not Even The Ice Cold Breeze Of December Could Cool Down Katie and John’s Park Savoy Wedding.

The Park Savoy. Florham Park, NJ.

Katie is a self-proclaimed huge fan of Tom Harmon Photography, so I know I needed to bring my A+ game to her wedding so I didn’t disappoint. The last thing I want was for her to think I’m some sort of hack. It’s a lot of pressure. But I stepped up and gave it the best shot I had. I started with Katie at her parent’s house where she and the girls were getting their hair and make-up did. After Katie was finished, it looked like a war broke out between Maybelline and Paul Mitchell, with make-up brushes and hair remnants strewn all over the house. But Katie cleans up nice and she looks gorgeous, ready to get married to her soul mate. I then stopped by where John was getting ready, which looked like a war broke out between Jack Daniels and the men’s hair product factory. But alas, it was time to bring John over to get his first look of Katie. After that, we trucked it over to the church to make it official. The ceremony was beautiful, but there’s nothing scarier than getting stuck in New Jersey Friday evening traffic on the way to the reception. Luckily I made it with time to spare. We then shot a short portrait session where we got some amazing images and it was finally time for the reception. There was no shortage of killer dance moves and plenty of emotions. This was the last wedding of 2014 for me, so it was nice to go out on top. Congratulations Katie and John!

Park_Savoy_Wedding_0001 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0002 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0003 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0004 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0005 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0006 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0007 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0008 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0009 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0010 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0011 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0012 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0013 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0014 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0015 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0016 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0017 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0018 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0019 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0020 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0021 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0022 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0023 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0024 bride and groom at the park savoy park savoy wedding Park_Savoy_Wedding_0027 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0028 wedding at park savoy wedding party at park savoy Park_Savoy_Wedding_0031 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0032 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0033 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0034 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0035 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0036 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0037 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0038 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0039 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0040 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0041 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0042 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0043 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0044 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0045 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0046 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0047 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0048 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0049 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0050 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0051 Park_Savoy_Wedding_0052

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