Only The Best Have Their Wedding In Two Different States. Shannon and Matt’s Maplewood Country Club Wedding.

Maplewood Country Club. Maplewood, NJ.

This time of year, the weather gets pretty nippy, especially in NYC. But that didn’t stop Shannon and Matt. We started near Wall St where Shannon and Matt were getting ready, then we traveled to the dark, but beautiful church where a bagpiper greater all of their family and friends. Sometimes I really don’t know how women do it because we traveled around the city for a little bit in the cold for our portrait session and Shannon, in her strapless dress, didn’t complain once. Maybe it’s because she knew about they party we were about to experience at the Maplewood Country Club. in Maplewood, NJ. Between the cocktail hour, main course, desert bar, and White Castle sliders, I don’t know how anyone had the energy to stay on the dance floor. But everyone had a great time, all thanks to Shannon and Matt. Congratulations guys!

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