Rain Couldn’t Stop Patricia and Jeremiah’s Twin Lakes Resort Wedding.

Twin Lakes Resort. Hurley, NY.

The thing about rain, is that it eventually stops. Unfortunately it washed out the outdoor ceremony that Patricia and Jeremiah had planned down near the lake. But it stopped right after the ceremony and gave us a moody dark look to the trees and lake that let Patricia and Jeremiah really stand out from the background. Even with all that rain, Patricia and Jeremiah never let it squash their spirits or the fun they knew their friends and family were going to have at the reception. And they got to witness one of the best speeches by a best man that I’ve ever heard at all the weddings I’ve shot. You could see that Patricia and Jeremiah are truly loved by so many and it was great to see so many people join them on their big day. Enjoy the photos and congratulations to Patricia and Jeremiah!

Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0001 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0002 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0003 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0004 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0005 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0006 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0007 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0008 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0010 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0011 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0012 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0013 twin lakes lodge wedding Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0015 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0016 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0017 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0018 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0019 twin lakes resort wedding reception Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0021 wedding at twin lakes resort Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0023 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0024 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0025 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0026 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0027 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0028 wedding reception at twin lakes resort Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0030 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0031 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0032 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0033 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0034 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0035 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0036 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0037 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0038 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0039 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0040 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0041 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0042 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0043 Twin_Lakes_Restort_Wedding_0044

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