Sarah and Anthony’s Addison Park Wedding

Addison Park Wedding. Keyport, NJ.

It seems like just yesterday that I shot Sarah and Anthony’s engagement session. Just kidding, it was like 10 years ago. Finally, the day has arrived that Sarah and Anthony tied the knot at their Addison Park wedding. Sarah started the day with all of her bridesmaids at her parents house. If it wasn’t for Sarah, their dog Marmaduke would have stolen the show. After Sarah got in her dress, she let her dad into the room, who immediately became emotional. And for good reason. Sarah looked stunning and you could really see the bond between her and her father. But we couldn’t be mushy all day, because we had to get over to the Addison Park to meet up with Anthony and do this thing. As soon as Anthony saw Sarah come down the aisle, it was all over for him. To quote the movie Scrooged. “Niagara Falls, Frankie”. The two recited their vows to each other and sealed it with a kiss. Then it was time to get this party started. But first, more tears had to be shed. Sarah and her father’s slow dance led to even the flower girl crying. It was all very touching. The music then ramped up and the party was on! It was a great night and everyone had a ton of fun. Congratulations Sarah and Anthony and enjoy the photos!


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