Shayra and Sy’s 501 Union Wedding.

501 Union Wedding. Brooklyn, NY.

Both being die hard New Yorkers, it was only fitting that Shayra and Sy held their wedding and reception at the awesome 501 Union. This place was the perfect representation of Brooklyn. exposed brick, steal beams. Cool hip decor. It was beautiful and they did a tremendous job hosting Shayra and Sy. Shayra started out getting ready at 501 Union while Sy was with his groomsman at a nearby hotel. After they got all dolled up, they met at 501 Union and tied the knot in a touching ceremony. And it was the first time I saw the bride and groom do rock-paper-scissors to see who would say their vows first. There were plenty of tears and laughs throughout the ceremony. After they got hitched, Shayra and Sy joined me outside for some NYC portraits, but it was soon time to get inside the party the night away. Add a NYC taxi cake and some very heart felt speeches and the evening was complete. A great time was had by all. Congratulations Shayra and Sy and enjoy the photos!


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