Sherry and David’s Rockleigh Country Club Wedding.

Rockleigh Country Club Wedding. Rockleigh, NJ.

Sherry and David’s Rockleigh Country Club Wedding in Rockleigh, NJ had Bad Boy Entertainment, Bad boy band performances, and a bad ass loud party. But before these two party animals could rock it out with their friends and family, they had to get their makeup on, put some product in their hair, and head out to the church for their ceremony. It was a very traditional ceremony and held a lot of important moments. After Sherry and David’s bubble gun exit, the wedding party made their way to the Rockleigh for some portraits. Sherry was killing it in her beautiful wedding dress and David looked not too shabby in his dark blue tux. But we knocked those portraits out quick because you could tell they wanted to go party. As the speeches went on, David surprised everyone by reuniting with his high school boy band and serenading Sherry. After a quick outfit change, Sherry and David were ready to dance the night a way with everyone they loved. It was an amazing day and a great party. Congratulations Sherry and David and enjoy the photos!


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