Small Business Wednesday | Koto Japanese Steakhouse

I’m gonna cheat a little this week. Koto Japanese Steakhouse is not technically a small business, as they have 8 locations all over the Northeast, but when I met the manager, Will, on my photoshoot with Lovewell Design and La Dolce Vita bakery, I found that he was committed to the local community. Will manages both the restaurant on Erie Blvd and the one at Carousel Mall and both places look amazing. He loves working with local small businesses and vendors to make your experience at Koto unique. The restaurants are great for engagement dinners, rehearsal dinners, or any other family outing, and the big event areas can accommodate large groups. So next time you find yourself in need of a fun and unique place to eat, give Will a call.


Hi Will, nice to see you again. These restaurants are really beautiful and there is a ton of atmosphere. But more importantly, what’s on the menu?

Since our restaurant offers hibachi, sushi, and traditional dining, the popular dishes include steak and scallop as the hibachi combo. In the sushi department we have the Godzilla roll. And for traditional dining, the seafood tempura is great.

That steak sounds good. Now I’m getting hungry. What’s your favorite dish?

I like the Chilean seabass. It comes in a zesty Japanese sauce.

I’m a big fan of any kind of zesty sauces. How long have you guys been in business?

We’ve been in Syracusesince the summer of 2010 with the first location on Erie Blvd E and the second location at Carousel Mall, right next to the Carousel in the food court. However, the first Koto has been around since the 1990’s.

Are you looking for more expansion?

Given the right opportunity, yes.

That’s great. We need more unique and well designed restaurants around. What kind of special events do you have here?

We have sushi rolling classes and sake tasting.

Sake tasting sounds dangerous. I like it. Tell me something that people wouldn’t know about Koto?

Koto is all family owned.

Oh wow. That’s very cool. OK, here’s the real burning question on everybody’s mind. Who would win in a fight? Chuck Norris or Steven Segal?

Neither. Mr. Miagi, Pat Morita, would win. Wax on wax off is not only a cleaning technique but a useful move in battle.

Good point. I can’t disagree with that. Well, thanks Will for taking the time and allowing me to come in here and take some awesome pictures of your awesome restaurants.


First are some shots of the Carousel spot.

Here’s the Erie Blvd East location.



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