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So I’m sticking with the wedding theme this week with my interview with Kate from Lovewell Celebration Design. Last week I got a chance to join Kate from Lovewell and Maria from La Dolce Vita in an awesome Valentine’s Day themed photoshoot. Kate came up with some incredible ideas on how to spend the evening with your better half and Maria baked the confection goodness. It was pretty cool to see these girls at work, because they had such enthusiasm and inspiration. So if you’re getting married and don’t know where to start, give Kate a call. She’s the best at what she does and will make your wedding day rock your socks. Here’s the interview I did with Kate and check out some of her handiwork, photographed by yours truly.


So we just got done photographing all your cool ideas. How long have you been at this wedding and event planning stuff?

I started my business on June 14th, 2010.

Wow you know the exact date. That’s cool. How many weddings do you handle a year?

About 25. I’d like to do less, because it’s a lot of work for one person.

I can imagine. Running a business by yourself is extremely hard work. So what would you say is your best skill?

I think it’s tied between creativity and consultation. I get equal feedback from my brides about how creative I was or how laid back I made them feel about making decisions.

Like a mental masseuse. I like it. What do you sell the most of?

My ideas.

Yes, quite the commodity. When a bride comes to you for advice, what do you tell them?

BREATHE! And I make them do a couple things. 1.) Prioritize- Pick the top three elements about the wedding they have to have. 2.) Pick a budget and stick with it. and 3.) Guest count- come up with a figure. Doing these things makes it easier to make decisions from that point on.

I feel like I want to plan a wedding right now. But I’m already married. Where would you like to see your business go in the next year?

I’d love to work with more destination brides. I want to see more places. Locally, I just want to continue on the path I’m on, because I love the brides I work with. And I’d love to see my blog, Lovewell Post, continue to grow.

Ok, what was the better TV show, Saved By The Bell or Blossom?

Haha, definitely Saved By The Bell. But I did like Blossom’s hat.

That’s gross. Well, Kate, thanks for taking my questions and I look foward to working with you in the future.

Thanks Tom. You’re the best photographer I have ever seen and I will be sending all of my brides straight to your door step….


Ok ok. Kate didn’t really say that last part. But I tried…. Here’s some awesome Lovewell Celebration Design for your eyeballs.



And to see more photos from this day, stay tuned to the Lovewell Post for Kate’s post later this week.


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