Stephanie and Matt’s Manor At Prophecy Creek Wedding Planned For Rain and Got Plenty of Sun.

The Manor at Prophecy Creek Wedding. Ambler, PA.

About a month before the wedding, Stephanie, Matt, and I all met at the Manor at Prophecy Creek to go over how the day will go and to formulate ideas for pictures they wanted. It was a cold rainy day and most of our plans included what we would do if it rained. So we had all these ideas to combat the weather, but on the day of the actual wedding, a cloud couldn’t be found in the sky. It wasn’t too hot and the weather was damn near perfect. I still think it was because we planned for rain that we got sun. I started my day with Stephanie’s dress and wedding details while Stephanie and her bridesmaids got ready nearby. After everyone arrived at the Manor, they got dressed and prepped and it was time for the first look, witnessed by family and the bridal party. After the requisite family and bridal party pictures, it was time for the ceremony. Even though the ceremony was interrupted by low flying planes and helicopters, it was beautiful and touching. We got a chance to take some really unique portraits of Stephanie and Matt after the ceremony and then it was off the the party. Matt got Stephanie good with a nicely timed cake smash and their guests danced the night away. It truly was a great day. Congratulations to Stephanie and Matt and enjoy the photos!

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