Susan and Robert’s Fireside Inn Wedding.

Susan and Robert’s Fireside Inn Wedding.

Fireside Inn Wedding. Baldwinsville, NY.

Susan and Robert’s wedding was filled with a lot of emotions. It was the happiest day of their lives, but they also got married this day with heavy hearts. Originally to take place in May, Susan and Robert moved up their wedding because Susan’s grandmother was ill. Unfortunately, Susan’s grandmother passed just before the wedding and Susan and family were champions the whole day and continued to celebrate Susan and Robert’s love. During the reception, Susan even gave a very touching toast in honor of her grandmother. But she knew grandma wanted her to enjoy her wedding day, so Susan and Robert did just that. With their best friends and family by their side, Susan and Robert tied the knot at their church in Liverpool. We then stopped at the Onondaga Lake Parkway to take some very cold and snowy photos. After we all had frostbite, we trucked it over to the Fireside Inn in Baldwinsville, NY for the reception. The party certainly didn’t disappoint and everyone had a great time! Even though it was tough, Susan and Robert will definitely remember this day as the best day of their lives. Enjoy the photos and check out the gorgeous wedding video at the end. Congratulations Susan and Robert!


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Robert & Susan Wedding from Tom Harmon on Vimeo.

Tom Harmon