Take Better Pictures With Your Crappy Camera / Part III

Have you been procrastinating? Well, now’s the time to catch up. Read Parts I and II first.

Part I – Stop Putting Your Subject in the Middle
Part II – That’s Some Ugly Light

This time around, we’ll be focusing on perspective. So if you shoot your photos from the standing position only, knock it off.

Part III – Move Your Body, Ya Big Lug

We all know what things look like from a standing position. We see it everyday. It’s how we see the world. So to add to your photos some hot and steamy “interestingness”, start seeing things from different heights and angles. Get low. Get high (no, not you, hippies). Just get perspectives we usually don’t see. Move your body. Here’s a few examples. In the first shot, I stood on a coffee table to shoot from above, to tell the story of a father reading a book to his daughter.

I could have shot this image from the front (and I did that too) but I find this to be far more interesting. It’s a perspective we don’t see everyday. OK, here’s another awesome shot.

Group of guys walking foward

For this image, I used a long lens to compress the background and I laid on my stomach. This helps give my subjects a bigger than life look. Ain’t that a good looking photo? Here’s one more shot, for the kiddies.

Baby girl on floor

Kids are short. So shoot low. Show me their world. I’ve seen far too many pictures of kids taken from adult height. I already know what that looks like. I see it everyday. I forget what it’s like to be so small and have my world look so big. So that’s what I like to see in a lot of kid pictures.

So pretty simple lesson here. Just move around. Show me something different. It gives your pictures an added level of interesting. It makes people want to look.

Stay tuned for the next and final lesson – Make it Pretty

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