The Milky Way Made An Appearance At Allison and Andrew’s Ballyowen Golf Club Wedding.

Ballyowen Golf Club. Hamburg, NJ.

I travel all over the east coast so much for weddings, that when a wedding is 15 minutes from your house, it feels like paradise. And Allison and Andrew got the perfect day for their Ballyowen Golf Club wedding and reception. Not a cloud in the sky, which also made for the perfect opportunity to capture the stars for an epic portrait. But first they had to get married. Allison and Andrew both got ready at the Grand Cascades Lodge where they also had their emotional first look. Then we took the short trip to Ballyowen where we avoided getting hit by golf balls while we did a portrait session on the course. The ceremony was as beautiful as the scenery. The evening and reception came quickly but that didn’t mean the party slowed down. Some very touching speeches by Allison and Andrews family and bridal party left no eye without a tear. But those tears were quickly gone once the awesome dancing started. We pissed a few people off when we snuck away for some evening portraits, but I think it was well worth it. Allison and Andrew got the chance to have the Milky Way in their photo. What a great day. And thanks again to Tim Cartagena for shooting this with me. His images are mixed in. Enjoy the images and congratulations to Allison and Andrew!

Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0001 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0002 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0003 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0004 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0005 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0006 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0007 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0008 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0009 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0010 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0011 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0012 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0013 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0014 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0015 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0016 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0017 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0018 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0019 ballyowen golf club wedding Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0021 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0022 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0023 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0024 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0025 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0026 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0027 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0028 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0029 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0030 wedding ceremony at ballyowen golf club Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0032 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0033 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0034 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0035 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0036 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0037 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0038 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0039 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0040 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0041 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0042 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0043 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0044 Ballyowen golf club wedding reception Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0046 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0047 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0048 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0049 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0050 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0051 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0052 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0053 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0054 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0055 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0056 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0057 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0058 Ballyowen_Golf_Club_Wedding_0059 ballyowen golf club wedding


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