The Old Tappan Manor Wedding of Courtney and Chris.

Old Tappan Manor. Old Tappan, NJ.

I’ve known Courtney since she and I used to work at a restaurant in West Nyack. I’m sure she has stories about the birthday parties I used to throw for myself that even I don’t remember. But we’re all grown up now and we don’t speak of those things anymore…But it was nice to see her again and find out that she found someone that she truly connects with, in Chris. Courtney and Chris are absolutely perfect for each other and it was a pleasure being a part of their wedding at Old Tappan Manor, a classy reception venue in northeast NJ. And you could tell that these two are well liked. They had friends, family, and co-workers, old and new, come out to party with them. It was a great day all around. Congratulations guys!

Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0001 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0002 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0003 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0004 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0005 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0006 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0007 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0008 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0009 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0010 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0011 old tappan manor wedding old tappan manor Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0014 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0015 wedding at old tappan manor Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0017 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0018 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0019 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0020 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0021 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0022 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0023 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0024 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0025 old tappan manor wedding reception Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0027 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0028 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0029 first dance at old tappan manor Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0031 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0032 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0033 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0034 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0035 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0036 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0037 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0038 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0039 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0040 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0041 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0042 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0043 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0044 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0045 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0046 Old_Tappan_Manor_Wedding_0047

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