The Only Thing Hotter Than The Food At This Rasoi III Wedding Was Vibha and Kapil.

Rasoi III. Monmouth Junction, NJ.

I’ve been crazy busy lately with weddings and engagements that it took me a little while to get this post up. But it’s worth the wait, I promise. Plus it’s my biggest post yet, so there’s bonus content for you to gaze upon. Vibha and Kapil’s wedding was my first full Indian wedding and damn was it awesome. After Vibha and Kapil got ready at the crack of dawn, we went outside for the first look and a small portrait session. The morning light couldn’t have been better. Whe then jetted over to Rasoi III where Kapil held his Sehrabandhi and Jaan. And what groom wouldn’t want to wear a money necklace and ride a fancy horse around while your friends and family have a dance party. The two families met each other, exchanged gifts and then it was time for the ceremony. A lot of things were happening that I couldn’t pretend to understand, but I was loving it all. The ceremony ended and Vibha and Kapil drove off in a gorgeous Rolls Royce. A quick break and a clothes change and Vibha and Kapil were ready for their reception. Between the speeches, the performances, and the dancing, my mind was blown. I’ve never seen this amount of people have this amount of fun at a wedding. ┬áIt was a long, but incredible day and I want to thank Vibha and Kapil for letting me be a part of it. Enjoy the show.

Rasoi_III_Wedding_0001Rasoi_III_Wedding_0002Rasoi_III_Wedding_0003Rasoi_III_Wedding_0004Rasoi_III_Wedding_0005Rasoi_III_Wedding_0006Rasoi_III_Wedding_0007Rasoi_III_Wedding_0008Rasoi_III_Wedding_0009Rasoi_III_Wedding_0010Rasoi III weddingnew jersey indian weddingRasoi_III_Wedding_0013Rasoi_III_Wedding_0014Rasoi_III_Wedding_0015Rasoi_III_Wedding_0016Rasoi_III_Wedding_0017Rasoi_III_Wedding_0018Rasoi_III_Wedding_0019Rasoi_III_Wedding_0020Rasoi_III_Wedding_0021Rasoi_III_Wedding_0022Rasoi_III_Wedding_0023Rasoi_III_Wedding_0024Rasoi_III_Wedding_0025Rasoi_III_Wedding_0026Rasoi_III_Wedding_0027Rasoi_III_Wedding_0028Rasoi_III_Wedding_0029Rasoi_III_Wedding_0030Rasoi_III_Wedding_0031indian wedding in new jerseyRasoi_III_Wedding_0033Rasoi_III_Wedding_0034Rasoi_III_Wedding_0035Rasoi_III_Wedding_0036Rasoi_III_Wedding_0037Rasoi_III_Wedding_0038Rasoi_III_Wedding_0039Rasoi_III_Wedding_0040indian brideRasoi_III_Wedding_0042indian wedding at rasoi II njindian wedding in NJRasoi_III_Wedding_0045new jersey indian wedding rasoi IIIRasoi_III_Wedding_0047Rasoi_III_Wedding_0048Rasoi_III_Wedding_0049Rasoi_III_Wedding_0050Rasoi_III_Wedding_0051Rasoi_III_Wedding_0052Rasoi_III_Wedding_0053Rasoi_III_Wedding_0054Rasoi_III_Wedding_0055Rasoi_III_Wedding_0056Rasoi_III_Wedding_0057Rasoi_III_Wedding_0058Rasoi_III_Wedding_0059Rasoi_III_Wedding_0060Rasoi_III_Wedding_0061Rasoi_III_Wedding_0062Rasoi_III_Wedding_0063Rasoi_III_Wedding_0064Rasoi_III_Wedding_0065Rasoi_III_Wedding_0066Rasoi_III_Wedding_0067Rasoi_III_Wedding_0068Rasoi_III_Wedding_0069Rasoi_III_Wedding_0070Rasoi_III_Wedding_0071Rasoi_III_Wedding_0072Rasoi_III_Wedding_0073Rasoi_III_Wedding_0074Rasoi_III_Wedding_0075Rasoi_III_Wedding_0076Rasoi_III_Wedding_0077

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