The Only Thing Scary About Christie and James’ Surf Club on the Sound Wedding Was That Creepy Marshmallow Man.

Surf Club on the Sound Wedding. New Rochelle, NY.

When the day started out, I didn’t know if there were going to be a bunch of DisCons or just a few 1192’s, and Christie could have definitely code 12’d a handful of family members, but I felt she didn’t need a 10 and should just code 6 the whole thing. Oh sorry, the cop talk came out of me there for a bit. You see, Christie works for NY’s Finest and my previous career was on the force, so I felt right at home capturing Christie and James’ Surf Club on the Sound wedding. Minus an escapable headlock, Christie put down her gun belt for the day and put on a beautiful wedding dress. You could see how happy James was as Christie was walking down the aisle. It was a beautiful Halloween day and the weather was on point. Which was good because we got some killer portraits outside on the Long Island sound. But before long, it was time to get to the reception where family and friends donned carnival masks and danced the night away. As the Ghostbusters song played, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man made and appearance to close out the night and dance with the bride. It was a great night of no tricks, just treats. Enjoy the photos!

Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0001 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0002 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0003 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0004 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0005 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0006 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0007 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0008 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0009 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0010 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0011 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0012 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0013 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0014 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0015 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0016 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0017 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0018 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0019 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0020 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0021 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0022 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0023 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0024 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0025 surf club on the sound wedding wedding at surf club on the sound surf club on the sound wedding Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0029 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0030 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0031 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0032 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0033 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0034 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0035 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0036 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0037 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0038 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0039 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0040 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0041 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0042 surf club on the sound wedding Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0044 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0045 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0046 surf club on the sound wedding Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0048 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0049 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0050 Surf_Club_on_the_Sound_wedding_0051

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