The Only Thing We Didn’t Do Was Ski at Jaime and Christian’s Woods Valley Ski Area Wedding.

Woods Valley Ski Area Wedding. Westerville, NY.

We did a little bit of everything at this wedding. Of course we did the getting ready shots and the ceremony was beautiful. But I think the horn section at the end of the wedding (a la Love Actually) set something off for the rest of the day. After the ceremony we went down the road from Jaime and Christian’s house for some group portraits. After some boats and police came through, we headed to the lake for a little more bridal party action, along with a cool football drone shot. We also trucked it over to the community college where Jaime and Christian go biking. It almost turned into a tour or Westernville. But alas we had to get to the party because we had to witness an awkward and amazing speech by the best man, who brought the house down whether he knew or not. After dinner and the cake, dancing was underway as well as the limbo competition, where I’ve never seen a bride bend completely horizontal before. You could tell the place was rocking and everyone had a great time. Enjoy!

Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0001 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0002 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0003 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0004 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0005 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0006 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0007 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0008 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0009 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0010 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0011 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0013 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0014 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0015 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0016 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0017 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0018 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0019 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0020 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0021 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0022 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0023 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0024 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0025 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0026 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0027 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0028 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0029 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0030 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0031 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0032 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0033 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0034 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0035 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0036 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0037 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0038 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0039 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0040 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0041 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0042 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0043 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0044 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0045 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0046 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0047 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0048 Woods_Valley_Ski_Area_Wedding_0049

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