The Tickle Project

I’m a dad. And a photographer. So I know how hard it is to capture a natural emotion from your children on camera. Especially in a studio setting, it’s damn near impossible. I know I wanted a high quality image that a studio portrait would provide, but I didn’t want your everyday, mundane Sears or Walmart portrait. I wanted to show the joy of being a child. I wanted natural expressions from my children. So I thought about when a child can give a natural laugh on cue, and of course tickling came to mind. I laid out my white seamless background, had my wife tickle our two girls, and I climbed a ladder and clicked away. What resulted was amazing portraits of my children’s natural laugh that I was proud to hang on my wall. I figured other parents would love one of these portraits too, so I created this series called The Tickle Project and invited other parents to come tickle their kids. It was a great success and these parents walked away with incredibly unique portraits of their children at their best. Enjoy and share with your friends and family.



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