This Week’s Top Links / 1st Week of July 2011

Not too many videos for you this week, just a bunch of random cool stuff. But definitely check out the Basics of Photography if you’re learning to take better pictures. Have fun and share with the other kids.

  • You too can be a millionaire. Just take a picture of a known ruthless killer, wait 130 years, then sell it at auction. That’s what happened with this photo of Billy the Kid. I think.
  • Don’t feel like spending thousands of dollars on a wedding just to let people you don’t like get drunk off your dime? Then go to the mall and hit up the AutoWed Wedding Vending Machine.
  • Hahaha. You attention-crazed women are getting out of control. I love the iPad 2 and all, but was this necessary?
  • Lifehacker just compiled their catalog of their “Basics of Photography” series. Learn all you want, you’ll never be as good as me (or so I tell myself).
  • Forget Gatorade or energy drinks. After pumping iron for the last hour, drink chocolate milk for better recovery.
  • Forks? Meh, forks are for wussies. I want to eat my steak with these Bear Claw utensils.
  • Floating lanterns. 11,000 of them. Well done Poland.
  • Want more links?…This Week’s Top Links archive
    Or just looking for an awesome Syracuse Wedding Photographer

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