This Week’s Top Links / 2nd Week of June, 2011

I no longer read the newspaper. Newspapers gets my fingers all black. Newspapers are too big and bulky. And I’m just not willing to shell out 75 cents anymore. So I’ve turned to reading my news on the internet everyday. Doing this, I find a lot of awesome or interesting links. These links I share will not necessarily be about photography, but anything I come across which I think is cool or I want you to know. And the occasional YouTube video about a cat falling into the fish tank. Tune in every week and enjoy.


  • I never was a big Apple/Mac guy until I bought the first iPhone. The technology blew my mind. This week, Apple announced why they are the still tech leaders –  The New iOS5
  • And for you photography nuts out there, iOS5 brings some shiny new Camera Features to your iPhone.
  • Such a sweet combination of a Digital Still and Motion Cameras. And it’s only $58,000. These RED guys really know what they are doing.
  • You got something to share with the rest of the class? Well, you’re probably sharing it on Facebook. So says this Study.
  • I spent my college years in NYC, so this Cool Traffic Video looks familiar. But the uniqueness of how this guy presents it makes me happy.
  • Being a huge beer guy, this Beer Commercial really tugs on my heartstrings. If I had heartstrings.

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