This Week’s Top Links / 4th Week of June 2011

I’ve got a little more photography related links this week. I’m also going to try to highlight some of my favorite photographers every once in a while. But as usual, I threw in some random awesome stuff. Aaaaaaaannnnddddddd GO!

  • Lytro announced their new Light Field camera system which is supposed to allow you to focus the image AFTER the shot has been taken. I’m a little skeptical, but it’s worth taking a look at.
  • Got some time on your hands and an unlimited cash stream? Then go to all 25 of the Best Places to Photograph.
  • Facebook is taking over the world. Now they want to rain on Instagram and Twitter’s parade with their own Photo-Sharing App.
  • The photography is good, but the art is amazing. I want a Handimal.
  • Completely inspiring photography by Sam Hassas.
  • This guy is stupid and awesome at the same time. He updated his Facebook status several times and added 12 new friends, all while involved in a stand-off with police.
  • What could go wrong with Magnetic Silly Puddy?
  • The Muppets are back with a new movie. I still love the Muppets. Get over it.
  • Good ol’ fashion slow-mo tank shootin‘. Yee-hah!
  • This gorilla is tearing it up. He dances better than me for sure.

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