Tracy and Chris’ Westminster Hotel Wedding Was So Shirt Ripping Good.

Westminster Hotel Wedding. Livingston, NJ.

I love photographing big personalities because there’s so much to look at in each picture. Tracy is awesomely over the top and such a joy to be around and you can tell Chris loves every second of it. The day started with the usual getting ready shots and Tracy and her friends shared a lot of laughs as they got their hair and makeup done. Chris and the guys shotgunned a few beers, so the day was already off the a great start. After some portraits on the lawn and in the trees of the Westminster Hotel, it was time for the ceremony, where everyone that walked down the aisle got a round of applause. Tracy and her dad shared a few quiet moments right before she walked in, but before long, she was up front saying her I Do’s with Chris. After the ceremony, I took Tracy and Chris around the hotel for some unique portraits, and even the pool created a great backdrop. But they wanted to party, so we got them back to the ballroom where the reception was anything but boring. There was so much going on all night that Chris had to tear his shirt off. You know it was an amazing party. Congratulations to Tracy and Chris and enjoy the photos!

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