You Better Salute Alyson and Jonathan’s Thayer Hotel Wedding.

The Thayer Hotel Wedding. West Point, NY.

I’d say having armed security outside of a wedding venue was a first for me. But that’s what you get for having your wedding on the beautiful military base at West Point. The Thayer Hotel sits at the southern tip of the base right on the Hudson River and has welcomed everyone from Presidents to generals. A lot of history here. But more history was about to be made with Alyson and Jonathan’s wedding. Alyson got ready in the bridal suite and her niece and flower girl damn near stole the show. But in the end, Alyson ended up being the most beautiful person there and she was excited to marry the love of her life. Jonathan waited for his bride on the back lawn and couldn’t contain his emotions when he finally got to see her. But there was no more time for tears as we had to get some kick ass portraits around the base, including some amazing views of the Hudson. The couple then made their way back to the hotel for their touching ceremony. Alyson and Jonathan held their booming reception in the Robert Grant room and the party was awesome to be a part of. The weather was beautiful, the wedding was incredible and the party was off the hook. Congratulations Alyson and Jonathan!

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