Here you can find the most frequently asked questions that bride and grooms ask after they choose Tom Harmon Photography to photograph their wedding,


Q. We just booked you as our photographer. What do we do now?

A. Have some champagne! And start thinking about how you want your wedding day timeline to go and how much time you would like for pictures. If an engagement session is part of your package, let’s start brainstorming a great session that will let your personalities show. I’m really up for anything and I’ve found that the best engagement sessions are unique to the couple.


Q. Speaking of time, how much time should we give you to create some awesome images for us?

A. I guess that all depends on what type of photography you like. If you like purely photojournalism and candid images, then we’ll just need enough time after the ceremony to capture the obligatory family shots. If you love some of the more creative stuff I offer, such as the portrait sessions after the ceremony, then I’ll need a bit more time so that I can give your something truly unique that no one else will have. If you go that route, 2 hours to shoot family, bridal party, and portrait session images is a good amount of time, but I’ve done it in less as well.


Q. Can I give you images that I’ve collected on Pinterest so that we can replicate them for my wedding?

A. Yes, but I can’t copy them directly and I can’t guarantee that I’ll have time to get to them all. I work my butt off to give my clients unique and creative images that will be special to them. Every wedding is different and presents it’s own opportunities and challenges. My philosophy is that having images that are individually unique to my couple is much more powerful than images that have been done at other weddings. I’ve found that the photos my clients like the best are the ones that no one else has.


Q. How many images do we get?

A. For a typical 10 hour day, you can expect roughly 600-800 images from me, and more if you’ve elected to have a second shooter there too. I find that this is a good number of images that doesn’t include a lot of duplicates or other nonsense. Plus if you get anymore, it’s a lot of images to look through on your end.


Q. If we didn’t book a second photographer, do you bring an assistant?

A. Always. To get some of the more creative shots, I usually need someone there to hold a light stand or other equipment, and it helps keep everything moving smoothly. Plus its nice to have someone there to hang out with and watch my gear if I can’t.


Q. How long does it take to get our images after the wedding?

A. Usually within 3-4 weeks. I also put the highlights from your wedding up on my blog and Facebook pages within a week or two so that you have something to look at while you are waiting for the rest. I have an amazing package that you’ll receive with your USB, so that takes a little extra time to get together.


Q. How can we share our pictures with our family and friends?

A. Firstly, you can send them the link from my website or Facebook page when the highlights are posted. Then when you receive your images, you can print them out or post them online for everyone to see. Also, upon request, I can put them on my viewing website so that everyone cane see all the images in one place. This is no extra cost!


Q. Do we get full copyrights to our pictures?

A. A lot of times people confuse copyrights and print rights. In the United States, the photographer always retains full copyrights of the images, which means that they are able to use them for self-promotion among other things. When you receive your images, I will give you a print release that allows you to print your pictures as much as you want, for as long as you want.


Q. What kind of equipment do you use? Do you have backups?

A. I shoot with Nikon DSLRs and use a variety of lenses, lights, and special techniques to make your images look good. And I always bring backups of my equipment so that if anything should fail, I won’t miss a beat documenting your wedding.


Q. How do you keep our photos safe?

A. I’m quite paranoid about losing images, so I’ve got an entire system in place to safeguard your files. In my camera, I have two memory cards. One acts as the main card, while the other acts as the back up should the first one fail. Then when I get the cards home, I back them up onto a hard drive, which is then backed up onto another hard drive, which is then backed up onto the cloud. So yeah, your files will feel safe and warm with me.




If you have any questions that aren’t addressed here or would like clarification on something, just shoot me an email at tom@tomharmonphotography.com or call me at 973-664-7427.

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